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Advancing Knowledge: The IMLS/NEH Digital Partnership (7)After-School Programs (2)
America's Historical & Cultural Organizations Implementation (28)America's Historical and Cultural Organizations Planning (36)
America's Media Makers Development (10)America's Media Makers Production (19)
Archaeology Projects (59)Basic Research (786)
Bicentennial Histories (1)Bicentennial Projects (32)
Bookshelf Cooperative Agreement, We the People (7)Challenge Grants (370)
Challenge Grants - HBCU Initiative (3)Challenge Grants for Advanced Study Centers (12)
Challenge Grants for Four-Year Colleges (100)Challenge Grants for Junior and Community Colleges (2)
Challenge Grants for Media Organizations (12)Challenge Grants for Miscellaneous Institutions (2)
Challenge Grants for Museums (90)Challenge Grants for Other Nonprofit Orgs & Societies (16)
Challenge Grants for Public Libraries (29)Challenge Grants for Research Libraries (10)
Challenge Grants for Universities (70)Collaborative Research (392)
Conferences (543)Conferences and Congresses (2)
Consultation Grants (ER Title Ib) (52)Digging into Data (5)
Digital Humanites Cooperative Agreements (5)Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants (93)
Digital Humanities Workshops (4)Distinguished Teaching Professorships (Challenge) (35)
Documenting Endangered Languages - Preservation (10)EDD - Special Projects (1)
Editions (629)Education Challenge Grants (180)
Education Consultant Grants (494)Education Development & Demonstration (OLD) (61)
Education Development and Demonstration (530)Enduring Questions: Pilot Course Grants (20)
Enterprise Awards Pre 2001 (45)Enterprise Grants (1)
Exemplary Awards (35)Faculty Graduate Study Program for HBCUs (141)
Faculty Humanities Workshops (65)Fellowship Programs at Independent Research Institutions (192)
Fellowships & Stipends For Professionals (115)Fellowships At Centers for Advanced Study (79)
Fellowships at Digital Humanities Centers (3)Fellowships Challenge Grants (7)
Fellowships for College Teachers and Independent Scholars (1)Fostering Coherence Thru Instruction (71)
Grants for State Humanities Councils (329)Grants to Preserve & Create Access to Humanities Collections (56)
HBCU High School Humanities Inst. (20)History Project (1)
Humanities Collections and Reference Resources (79)Humanities Initiatives for Faculty: HBCUs (10)
Humanities Initiatives for Faculty: HSIs (16)Humanities Initiatives for Faculty: TCUs (7)
Humanities Institutes Program (62)Humanities Programs for Nontraditional Learners (18)
Humanities Projects for Youth (434)Humanities Scholar in Residence Awards (35)
Humanities Scholar in Residence Program/Dodge Fdn. Funds (12)Humanities, Science, and Technology (232)
Improving Introductory Courses (84)Institutes for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities (8)
Institutes for College and University Teachers (1010)Institutes for School Teachers (1114)
Institutional Development (41)Institutional Planning and Development (1)
International Research (56)Interpreting America's Historic Places Consultation (17)
Interpreting America's Historic Places Implementation (14)Interpreting America's Historic Places Planning (23)
Iraqi Cultural Heritage Initiative (14)JISC/NEH Transatlantic Digitization Collaboration Grants (8)
Landmarks of American History (131)Landmarks of American History for Community Colleges, WTP (39)
Libraries and Archives, Humanities Projects in (972)Libraries Consultation (3)
Libraries Implementation (120)Libraries Planning (7)
Library Challenge Grants (10)Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibitions (3)
Media Challenge Grants (20)Media Radio Production (6)
Media TV Consultation (2)Media TV Planning (12)
Media TV Production (16)Media TV Scripting (13)
Media, Humanities Projects in (1338)Model Humanities Projects (ER Title Ia) (26)
Museum Challenge Grants (108)Museums and Historical Organizations, Humanities Projects in (2505)
Museums Consultation (18)Museums Implementation (26)
Museums Planning (20)National Capital Arts and Cultural Affairs (30)
National Digital Newspaper Program (22)National Heritage Preservation Projects (236)
National History Competition (1)NEH on the Road (71)
NEH/DFG Enriching Digital Collections (3)NEH/DFG Symposia and Workshops Program (4)
NEH/DOE Humanities High Performance Computing Program (3)Picturing America (18)
Picturing America School Collaboration Projects (3)Pilot Grants - Education (338)
Planning & Assessment Studies (74)Preservation - Assistance Grants (ER Title Ib) (143)
Preservation and Access Research and Development (6)Preservation Assistance Grants (486)
Preservation Education and Training (35)Preservation/Access Projects (1261)
Preservation/Access Projects Pre 1996 (400)Presidentially Designated Institutions (91)
Professional Organizations & Societies (Challenge) (23)Program Development/Planning Grants (2)
Public Challenge Grants (63)Public Programs - Bicentennial Bookshelf (791)
Public Programs Special Projects (GD) (80)Reference Materials (17)
Reference Materials - Access (747)Reference Materials - Guides (50)
Reference Materials - Tools (619)Regional Center Implementation Grants (8)
Regional Center Planning Grants (20)Research Challenge Grants (58)
Residential College Teacher - 1976 thru 1981 (32)Residential College Teachers - 1980 (7)
Save America's Treasures (69)Scholarly Editions (136)
Scholarly Publications (1028)Schools for a New Millennium (25)
Science & Humanities: Integrating Undergraduate Education (42)Selected Areas (6)
Seminars at Black Colleges (8)Seminars for College Teachers (1414)
Seminars for School Teachers (985)Small Grants to Libraries: John Adams Unbound (63)
Small Grants to Libraries: Lincoln, Constitution and Civil W (25)Small Grants to Libraries: Pride and Passion (50)
Small Grants to Libraries: Soul of a People (30)Special Fellowships Programs (5)
Special Initiatives (55)Special Opportunity in Foreign Language Education (76)
Special Project Challenge Grants (22)Special Projects (656)
Special Projects Consultation (2)Special Projects Implementation (11)
Special Projects Planning (3)Stabilization Grants (32)
State and Local and Regional Studies (145)State Programs (SO) (1026)
State Projects (10)Teaching and Learning Resources and Curriculum Development (79)
Teaching U.S. History - EDSITEment (2)Texts - Preservation Project (12)
Texts - U.S. Newspapers (3)Translations (428)
Undergraduate Fellowships in Humanities (10)Younger Scholars - 02/76 thru 02/85 (71)

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