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  • $500,000

    Regional Preservation Field Service Program

    Recipient: Turner, Colin D (Minneapolis, MN 55404 USA) in affiliation with Midwest Art Conservation Center

    Goal: Funding supports the continuation and expansion of a regional preservation field service program with activities focused on training, mentoring, disaster assistance, and information and outreach services for museums, historical organizations, libraries, and archives in the Upper Midwest.

    Description: The Midwest Art Conservation Center (MACC) requests continued funding to expand and improve its Regional Preservation Field Service Program. The primary goal of this program is to strengthen preservation practices and collections care at cultural repositories in the Midwest, resulting in increased public access to the treasures in this region. During the proposed NEH grant period (2010-2011), MACC???s Preservation Services program will improve preservation practices by: increasing training opportunities; conducting mentoring and preservation surveys; increasing the provision of technical information and services; expanding grant writing assistance to small organizations; working with other regional and national preservation, museum, library and archival organizations to increase and coordinate preservation education and services; and measuring direct outcomes at regional institutions.

    Grant: 200047 / PE-50041-10,   Category: Museum Studies or Historic Preservation,   Program: Preservation Education and Training,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • $249,400

    Material Culture Conservation Education and Training

    Recipient: Norris, Debra H (Newark, DE 19716 USA) in affiliation with University of Delaware

    Goal: Funding supports graduate education in the conservation of material culture collections.

    Description: The Winterthur/University of Delaware Master's-level Art Conservation Program (WUDPAC), which has been in existence since 1974, is one of only five graduate programs in the United States that educates and trains conservation professionals to care for our cultural heritage. WUDPAC is applying to the National Endowment for the Humanities to support the education and training of five Master's-level students a year for two years. The Fellowships are for students specializing in the preservation of objects, textiles, painted and decorative surfaces and/or furniture; plus travel costs for internship interviews and relocation, honoraria for special guest lecturers in preventive, objects, photographs, and textile conservation, research project costs, and other training expenses. Thirty Master's-level students are enrolled in the program: ten for each year of a three year program. In training conservators of the highest caliber, we are meeting a national need.

    Grant: 200057 / PE-50051-10,   Category: Education,   Program: Preservation Education and Training,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • $248,527

    Alliance for Response: A National Program on Cultural Heritage and Disaster Management

    Recipient: Long, Jane S (Washington, DC 20005 USA) in affiliation with Heritage Preservation

    Goal: Funding supports three Alliance for Response forums, two national institutes, and an educational outreach campaign focused on developing and sustaining partnerships between cultural institutions and emergency management and response officials to enhance the protection of cultural heritage collections.

    Description: Humanities collections throughout the country are vulnerable to emergencies, from localized flooding to region-wide catastrophic events. Alliance for Response: A National Program on Cultural Heritage and Disaster Management aims to educate stewards of humanities collections on how to collaborate with cultural heritage institutions and emergency management agencies to implement networks, plans, and policies that reduce the risk of damage to collections. Relationships with emergency management agencies are key to protecting collections, but few cultural heritage institutions have formal ones and few emergency management agencies include cultural heritage in official disaster planning. Training will take place at Alliance for Response Forums, Leadership Institutes, and through education of emergency managers on the importance of humanities collections to communities. This project builds on Heritage Preservation???s six years of success with Alliance for Response.

    Grant: 200048 / PE-50042-10,   Category: Interdisciplinary,   Program: Preservation Education and Training,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • $248,480

    Sustainable Preservation Practices for Managing Storage Environments

    Recipient: Reilly, James M (Rochester, NY 14623-5604 USA) in affiliation with Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY 14623 USA)

    Goal: Funding supports five workshops and nine webinars for staff of museums, libraries, and archives about managing collection environments in sustainable ways. Participants will learn to assess the preservation quality of environmental conditions and the needs of collections materials, and to understand the impact of local climate and the basics of HVAC operations. Strategies for reducing energy cost and consumption in cultural repositories without sacrificing the preservation quality of collection environments will also be identified.

    Description: The project entitled Sustainable Preservation Practices for Managing Storage Environments will enable cultural institutions with significant humanities research materials to avoid risks to collections while they support sustainability efforts and pursue opportunities for energy cost reduction. Through a series of 5 regional workshops and 9 webinars directed at a national audience of collection care, preservation and facility management staff, the project will convey the latest knowledge and techniques for managing the storage environment in sustainable ways. Nationally recognized experts in preservation environmental management and energy efficiency will present the latest research and field practice in leading US and European museums and libraries. Environmental assessment tools and methods that will be presented have been developed through previous NEH projects and will be based in part on actual case studies, for example through a decade of contracts with the Library of Congress.

    Grant: 200056 / PE-50050-10,   Category: Archival Management and Conservation,   Program: Preservation Education and Training,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • $248,311

    Preservation and Access Virtual Education Laboratory for Digital Humanities

    Recipient: Wallace, David (Ann Arbor, MI 481091107 USA) in affiliation with University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Ann Arbor, MI 48109 USA)

    Goal: Funding supports the development of curriculum modules and a virtual laboratory for graduate-level coursework in preserving and enhancing access to digital humanities resources as well as for use in the Digital Preservation Management Workshop, a continuing education program hosted annually at the University of Michigan by the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR).

    Description: The University of Michigan School of Information (SI) seeks funding to develop and implement a virtual laboratory featuring digital access and preservation tools. These tools will be integrated into Masters??? level coursework in two specializations preparing information management and cultural heritage professionals: Preservation of Information (PI) and Archives and Records Management (ARM). These tools will also be assessed and integrated into the Digital Preservation Management Workshops hosted by the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). Educating a new generation of digital archivists or curators is essential to create, build, and sustain digital humanities collections and to ensure that they are accessible to humanities scholars in a variety of fields. Specifically, this proposal seeks support to: develop and implement curricular modules; develop and implement an IT teaching virtual lab; disseminate tools, specifications, and curricula modules.

    Grant: 200049 / PE-50043-10,   Category: Archival Management and Conservation,   Program: Preservation Education and Training,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • $202,243

    Professional Development for Conservators: Providing Preservation and Access for the Humanities

    Recipient: Wentworth, Eryl P (Washington, DC 20005 USA) in affiliation with Foundation of American Institute for Conservation (Washington, DC 20006 USA)

    Goal: Funding supports professional development through workshops offered around the country for conservators responsible for the care of humanities collections.

    Description: The Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (FAIC) seeks funding to support nine workshops consisting of six new course topics over a two year period. This initiative is part of FAIC's expanding program of professional development for conservators of cultural heritage, and builds on the successes and lessons learned from previous programs. An estimated 195 conservators will participate. 48 scholarships will increase access for conservator in under-served regions through travel stipends. Workshops will take place in 6 states and the District of Columbia.

    Grant: 200060 / PE-50054-10,   Category: Education,   Program: Preservation Education and Training,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • $201,512

    From Theory to Practice: Internships in Archaeological and Ethnographic Conservation

    Recipient: Pearlstein, Ellen Joyce (Los Angeles, CA 90095 USA) in affiliation with University of California, Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA 90024 USA)

    Goal: Funding supports stipends for seven graduate students from the UCLA/Getty Master's Program to complete summer and third year internships in archaeological and ethnographic conservation.

    Description: This two-year proposal to the National Endowment for the Humanities seeks $201,512 in support of stipends for seven graduate students from the UCLA/Getty Master's Program to complete summer and third year internships in archaeological and ethnographic conservation. Funding is sought to permit students to take advantage of unfunded opportunities for training presented by collection-rich and resource-poor institutions in both the United States and abroad. Through these internships, students work with experts at some of the culturally richest and most staff-needy institutions, increasing student skills while promoting the significant impact conservation has on the stewardship of collections. Funds are also sought to permit students to attend and present work at two of the annual conferences of the Association of North American Graduate Programs in Conservation.

    Grant: 200052 / PE-50046-10,   Category: Archival Management and Conservation,   Program: Preservation Education and Training,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • $32,225

    Advancing Access and Preservation Best Practices in Florida

    Recipient: Nemmers, John R (Gainesville, FL 32611 USA) in affiliation with University of Florida

    Goal: Funding supports archival education and training for 130 archivists, librarians, and curators to attend four workshops in the state of Florida on preservation and access practices and standards.

    Description: The University of Florida will partner with the Florida Center for Library Automation, Florida State University, the University of Central Florida, the University of Miami, and the University of South Florida to provide training to archivists and others who care for historical records through a workshop series covering preservation and access standards and practices including: 1) preservation and management of photographs, 2) minimal level processing of multi-format archival collections, 3) descriptive standards, and 4) archival information systems used to document and access historical materials. NEH funding will support a regional education program, which will provide training at no cost to participants. A secondary goal is to establish a level of expertise among key Florida archivists and professionals so that they can implement and sustain an in-state education program. A third goal is to determine educational needs through surveys and evaluative tools.

    Grant: 200050 / PE-50044-10,   Category: Archival Management and Conservation,   Program: Preservation Education and Training,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • $6,000

    Environmental Monitoring of the JCHS Facility

    Recipient: Carr, Joseph Daniel (Madison, IN 47250 USA) in affiliation with Jefferson County Historical Society (Indiana)

    Goal: Funding supports the purchase of equipment to monitor environmental conditions in a facility housing approximately 5,000 photographs, 5,000 county and city records, 2,000 items of clothing, and 1,000 Civil War artifacts. The focus of the collection is the history of the town of Madison, Jefferson County, and the surrounding area. Additionally, a conservator will train the staff of the historical society in the use of the monitoring equipment.

    Description: The Jefferson County (In) Historical Society has completed a Conservation Assessment; it was conducted by Martin Radecki, from the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Using that assessment, we have developed a long term plan for the management of our collections. Our top priority is to achieve a complete understanding of our facility's environment and make needed adjustments. To that end, we will purchase 3 Temp & Humidity Data Loggers, 4 Hanwell Lux Bugs w/data loggers for monitoring light and ultra violet light, and a psychrometer. After installation, we will use these instruments to monitor the environmental conditions for the period of Jan 1, - Dec. 31, 2010. Since the present staff is not experienced in using this technology, we will bring Radecki back to Madison for two days to set the equipment up and teach us how to use it. At the end end of the period, we plan to use Radecki again to analyze the data and make recommendations. Total project cost is $6,372.

    Grant: 199457 / PG-50713-10,   Category: Archival Management and Conservation,   Program: Preservation Assistance Grants,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • $6,000

    Preserving a Unique Historical Record: The Archives of the Austen Riggs Center

    Recipient: DiFazio, Robert (Stockbridge, MA 01262 USA) in affiliation with Austen Riggs Center, Inc.

    Goal: The purchase of archival supplies and storage furniture to preserve 600 linear feet of administrative records documenting the treatment of mental illness in the United States from the early 20th century to the present. Founded in 1919, the Austin Riggs Center pioneered alternative approaches to traditional custodial state mental hospitals.

    Description: The grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities would support the purchase of storage cartons, shelving and other supplies to remove at-risk archival records from danger and to begin the process of organizing the collection. The purchase of these materials will enable the Austen Riggs Center to act on the immediate steps recommended in the recent preservation assessment. Riggs has earned an important place in the history of medicine and is an essential chapter in the history of both psychiatry and psychoanalysis in America. It is the only remaining institution of its kind in the United States and the historical records of other similar institutions have, in many instances, been lost. Since Riggs continues to thrive, there is an opportunity to preserve and organize its rich archival holdings and to procure additional materials that relate to Riggs history and the history of similar institutions.

    Grant: 199461 / PG-50717-10,   Category: Archival Management and Conservation,   Program: Preservation Assistance Grants,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • $6,000

    Chambers Library Collection Assessment and Disaster Recovery Plan

    Recipient: McNeely, Bonnie (Edmond, OK 73034 USA) in affiliation with University of Central Oklahoma

    Goal: Funding supports a preservation assessment that will include recommendations for improving handling and storage practices and a one-day workshop on emergency preparedness and disaster response.

    Description: A preservation assessment report with short and long term priorities will help the library staff incorporate best practices for the conservation of print, microform, and media materials in the UCO Chambers Library. Staff training and the development of a Disaster Recovery Plan by library staff should help the library respond quickly should an emergency response be needed to preserve the library collections.

    Grant: 199466 / PG-50722-10,   Category: Library Science, Archival Management, and Conservation,   Program: Preservation Assistance Grants,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • $6,000

    The Chickasaw Nation Archives Collection Preservation Assessment

    Recipient: Hudson, Amanda (Ada, OK 74820 USA) in affiliation with Chickasaw Nation (Ada, OK 74821-1548 USA)

    Goal: A preservation assessment of approximately 150 linear feet of archival holdings, along with the purchase of preservation supplies. The materials include oral histories, maps, photographs, correspondence, and family genealogies documenting the history and culture of the Chickasaw Nation from the early 1800s to present.

    Description: The National Endowment for the Humanities Preservation Assistance Grant will support two activities. The first will be preservation site survey/conservation management consultation of the current archives collection housed in the Chickasaw Nation Department of Libraries, Archives and Collections. The second activity will purchase preservation and storage supplies, including acid-free archival boxes, interleaving paper, archival file folders and any other supplies recommended by the consultant to support preservation of the library's collection.

    Grant: 199467 / PG-50723-10,   Category: Archival Management and Conservation,   Program: Preservation Assistance Grants,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • $6,000

    Purchase of Storage Furniture and Preservation Supplies

    Recipient: Welles, Anne (Chicago, IL 60659 USA) in affiliation with Chicago Film Archives

    Goal: Funding supports the purchase of shelving and supplies to house 7,800 films in 40 collections that date from 1903 to 1990. The corpus includes documentaries, home movies, amateur films, and a variety of other genres, including educational, industrial, commercial, avant-garde, and travel films that especially document the Chicago region and the Midwest.

    Description: Based on the recommendation of a 2007 collections and facility assessment supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities Preservation Assistance grant, CFA seeks funding for additional archival horizontal shelving and small gauge archival film cans/reels.

    Grant: 199469 / PG-50725-10,   Category: Museum Studies or Historic Preservation,   Program: Preservation Assistance Grants,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • $6,000

    Conservation Survey of Paintings Collection

    Recipient: Evans, Douglas (Greensburg, PA 15601 USA) in affiliation with Woods-Marchand Foundation (Greensburg, PA 15601-1898 USA)

    Goal: A conservation survey of 489 oil paintings from the Westmoreland Museum of American Art. The collection of fine and decorative American art contains nationally recognized works, such as Rembrandt Peale's "Porthole Portrait of George Washington" and Mary Cassatt's "Mother and Two Children," as well as a unique assembly of art from southwestern Pennsylvania. Exhibits, publications, and educational programming highlight significant developments in American art from the colonial to the contemporary periods, as well as reflect state and regional history within the national context.

    Description: Working with a conservator, Museum staff will reevaluate the paintings identified in the Museum's most recent survey (1994) and prioritize needs outlined in the Museum's conservation plan. This reevaluation and prioritization will assist the Museum in seeking additional funds for conservation.

    Grant: 199471 / PG-50727-10,   Category: Archival Management and Conservation,   Program: Preservation Assistance Grants,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • $6,000

    Comprehensive Conservation Assessment of the Marsden Hartley Memorial Collection

    Recipient: Low, William (Lewiston, ME 04240 USA) in affiliation with Bates College

    Goal: Hiring three conservators with experience in books and bound materials, works on paper, and objects to assess the work and collections of American modernist painter and writer Marsden Hartley.

    Description: The Bates College Museum of Art proposes to contract three conservators to conduct a comprehensive assessment of its Marsden Hartley Memorial Collection. This unique collection of Maine's most renowned artist comprises drawings, oil sketches, manuscripts, letters, poetry, photographs, studio objects, and Hartley's personal collection of art, photographs, jewelry, textiles, and ceramics. The collected works and effects of this leading American modernist have become increasingly important to the fields of art history and American studies and the collection's variety is part of what makes it interesting to a range of scholars. The proposed assessment will assist in ongoing efforts to preserve the collection, help to improve access to the collection and is one of the early steps necessary to prepare for the first comprehensive exhibition and publication of the Hartley collection.

    Grant: 199477 / PG-50733-10,   Category: Art History and Criticism,   Program: Preservation Assistance Grants,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • $6,000

    Assessment of the D.J. Angus Photograph Collection

    Recipient: Richard, Nancy (Allendale, MI 49401 USA) in affiliation with Grand Valley State University

    Goal: Hiring a conservator to conduct an evaluation of the D. J. Angus Photograph Collection. The assessment will emphasize storage and environmental conditions and recommend best practices for digital reformatting. Approximately 2,000 prints (1902-1962) are adhered to now disbound photo album pages. Angus (1887-1966) was a pioneer in electrical engineering and manufacture, and his collection documents engineering feats and construction and disasters such as floods and tornados, and also includes travel photos and family photographs.

    Description: The Grand Valley State University Special Collections and University Archives is seeking funding in the form of a $6,000 grant to hire a photograph conservator. The purpose of the grant would be to conduct an overall evaluation of the photographic materials in the D.J. Angus Photograph collection including the storage and display areas. This assessment will provide a more in depth evaluation of the proper storage conditions and environment needed to improve the housing of the collection with particular focus on the 35mm negatives and the 16mm films. The evaluation would also provide recommendations in best practices for creating sustainable digital collections, reformatting for access, and care and handling of materials during digitization.

    Grant: 199487 / PG-50743-10,   Category: Archival Management and Conservation,   Program: Preservation Assistance Grants,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • $6,000

    Montgomery County, Texas, Historical Record Project

    Recipient: Adamick, Barbara G (Conroe, TX 77301 USA) in affiliation with Montgomery County, Texas

    Goal: Funding supports a preservation assessment, staff training, and the purchase of environmental monitoring equipment to ensure proper care for the county's historical records. Materials primarily include judicial case records, some dating back to the Republic of Texas (1836-45).

    Description: The project will provide a consultant to review the preservation needs of the records, train the staff in handling these records and provide skills necessary for the staff to preserve the records for public access. Our goals are to: 1) Gain knowledge of how to best preserve the pre-1900 historical documents from further loss or injury; 2) Revise policies, methods and conditions to provide the proper environment for all material filed with the District Clerk's office, both historical and contemporary; and 3) Improve public access to these historical documents once they have been imaged, indexed and filed, thereby making them available to view or copy by the public.

    Grant: 199491 / PG-50747-10,   Category: Public Administration,   Program: Preservation Assistance Grants,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • $6,000

    General Preservation Assessment of the Rare Book Collection of the Library of the Leo Baeck Institute

    Recipient: Evers, Renate (New York, NY 10011 USA) in affiliation with Leo Baeck Institute, Inc. (New York, NY 10021 USA)

    Goal: A preservation assessment of a collection of approximately 5,000 rare books, primarily in the field of German Judaica, and the purchase of protective boxes for 21 16th-century books in the collection.

    Description: The grant would support two activities. The first activity would be the overall preservation assessment of the rare book collection of the Leo Baeck Institute. This assessment would be used to prepare short term and long term recommendations and guidance for preservation, housing, and environmental conditions. This assessment will be conducted by the Book Conservator Nelly Balloffet of Paper Star Associates, Inc., Ossining, NY, a company for book and paper conservation and library services. The second activity that the grant would support is the purchase of protective boxes for the rarest books in the collection, which were published between 1501 and 1597, in many cases the only copies in the United States.

    Grant: 199500 / PG-50756-10,   Category: European History,   Program: Preservation Assistance Grants,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • $6,000

    The College of New Jersey Library Archival Collection Preservation Needs Assessment

    Recipient: Beaber, Patricia (Ewing, NJ 08628-0718 USA) in affiliation with College of New Jersey

    Goal: A preservation assessment of the library's archival and published collections documenting the history of the college and the local and state history of New Jersey.

    Description: If we receive this grant, we will hire a professional consultant to conduct an in depth preservation needs assessment of our Library Archives and Special Collections. From this consultation we will receive assistance in drafting a long range plan for our humanities materials. These materials document the history of the college(the oldest public teacher training college in New Jersey), the history of teacher education, local and state history, genealogy, and a large range of historical textbooks. We are especially interested in determining sound policies and practices for the care and use of the materials, improving environmental conditions, developing emergency plans, and developing plans to make our collections more accessible yet still safe. A small part of the grant will be used to purchase archival care and storage materials.

    Grant: 199501 / PG-50757-10,   Category: Humanities,   Program: Preservation Assistance Grants,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • $6,000

    Business History Collections Preservation Project

    Recipient: Schwarting, Paulette F (Richmond, VA 23220 USA) in affiliation with Virginia Historical Society (Richmond, VA 23221 USA)

    Goal: Funding supports the purchase of preservation supplies for unique business history publications from the society's general collections, identified as physically at risk in a previous collection survey. Examples include a 19th-century trade association volume, a Civil War-era economic statistical report, and an 1890s polemical pamphlet on a proposed grocery tax in Virginia.

    Description: The Virginia Historical Society (VHS) respectfully requests a $6,000 NEH grant to rehouse a portion of the business history holdings of the VHS. This grant will support the preservation of published business history materials which are housed in the general collections of the library of the Virginia Historical Society. An item level survey has been prepared by the project director which notes the exact number and type of preservation housing required. Virginia was founded as an economic venture by the Virginia Company of London in 1607. Our business history collections trace the economic story of Virginia- and the country- from this point through the present day, serving as a lens to understand our national economic history from Jamestown through the World Wars and into the global service economy.

    Grant: 199511 / PG-50767-10,   Category: American History,   Program: Preservation Assistance Grants,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • Endowment for the humanities grants to division Preservation and Access; items 1-21 of 4297 with a total funding of $2,002,698.
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