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  • $1,000,000

    A Collection for the Nation: Acquiring, Caring for, and Making Accessible Materials in the Humanities

    Recipient: (New York, NY 10018 USA) in affiliation with New York Public Library

    Goal: To support the acquisition, cataloguing, and preservation of humanities materials in the Research Libraries of the New York Public Library.

    Grant: 141744 / CY-20002-89,   Category: Humanities,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 1989

  • $6,000,000

    Challenge Grant

    Recipient: (Syracuse, NY 13224 USA) in affiliation with New York Public Library (New York, NY 10018 USA)

    Goal: To support collections development, conservation and preservation, bibliographic access to holdings, and reference services.

    Grant: 141743 / CY-20001-86,   Category: Humanities,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 1986

  • Endowment for the humanities grants to program Challenge Grants for Miscellaneous Institutions; items 1-2 of 2 with a total funding of $7,000,000.


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