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  • $200,000

    Art Conservation Facilities Improvement and Conservation Science Endowment

    Recipient: Hamm, James Frederick (Buffalo, NY 14222-1095 USA) in affiliation with SUNY Research Foundation, Buffalo State College (Buffalo, NY 14222 USA)

    Goal: Expansion of conservation facilities and endowment for a professorship in conservation.

    Description: The Buffalo State College Art Conservation Department requests an NEH Challenge Grant of $200,000, with the total sum of $1 million intended for facilities improvements and a conservation science endowment. The expansion of department facilities will allow for enhanced relationships with community partners and the transformation of the department through the development of the Buffalo Conservation Consortium, an entity that will provide conservation services to regional humanities institutions while giving students unparalleled opportunities in conservation treatment experience. The conservation science endowment will help complete a campaign that will support a professorship as well as art conservation research. The professorship is currently funded by a Mellon Foundation grant; an endowed position will allow for leadership in the field and improved instruction for our students, enabling them to become skilled custodians of our nation's historic, cultural, and artistic heritage.

    Grant: 193711 / CH-50611-10,   Category: Archival Management and Conservation,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 2010

  • $800,000

    Creating an Humanities Community, The Northampton Community College Partnership

    Recipient: Bugaighis, Elizabeth Tyler (Bethlehem, PA 18020 USA) in affiliation with Northampton Community College Foundation

    Goal: Endowment for three staff positions to support humanities programs for faculty, students, and the general public, and the purchase of humanities materials for local cultural and educational institutions.

    Description: Northampton Community College and its seven community partners will use funding from the endowment established to program public and college activities focusing on an annually selected theme from the humanities. A nationally-recognized speaker will provide the culminating event each year. Activities during the year will include credit and non-credit course offerings, distance education coursework, a film festival, a one community one book series of activities, speakers, panel discussions, service learning opportunities, museum displays, and collaborative teaching opportunities between the college and the school districts. For smaller group discussions, like the book group and panel discussions, podcasts will be posted to the college website. For the larger panel discussions, and especially for the culminating major speaker event, there will be live broadcasts through the college website.

    Grant: 193755 / CH-50655-09,   Category: Humanities,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 2009

  • $650,000

    Expansion of the Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities

    Recipient: Helmreich, Anne L (Cleveland Heights, OH 44121 USA) in affiliation with Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH 44106 USA)

    Goal: Endowment for seminars, courses, and other humanities programs for faculty, students, representatives of local cultural institutions, and the general public, as well as salary support for a digital humanities coordinator.

    Description: Case Western Reserve University seeks a $650,000 Challenge Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to increase the endowment, enhance the programming, and extend the impact of the Baker-Nord Center (BNC) for the Humanities. The NEH Challenge Grant, along with the new resources that it will help leverage, will be used by BNC to 1) foster humanities scholarship at the highest level by utilizing developing paradigms of scholarly exchange and collaboration; (2) engage the public in the humanities through public programming and community collaborations; and (3) improve humanities research, education, and dissemination of scholarship through the digital humanities. These aims are essential if BNC is to meet three overarching goals to: invigorate humanities scholarship on a campus perhaps better known for its bio-medical and engineering disciplines; ensure greater sustainability for achievements in the humanities represented by our faculty and students; and foster collaborative partnerships with neighboring cultural institutions.

    Grant: 193712 / CH-50612-09,   Category: Humanities,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 2009

  • $625,000

    Digital Humanities Commons

    Recipient: Woodward, Kathleen M (Seattle, WA 98195 USA) in affiliation with University of Washington

    Goal: Endowment to support faculty and student fellowships and graduate courses on digital humanities, other humanities programs, and a part-time research assistant.

    Description: With a $625,000 Challenge Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and a successful match of $1,875,000 to establish an endowment of $2,500,000, the Simpson Center for the Humanities at the University of Washington will create the Digital Humanities Commons. The goal is to seed and strengthen work in the digital humanities, with three objectives: the animation of knowledge; the public circulation of scholarship; and the historical, social, and cross-cultural understanding of digital culture. Each year the endowment will support: summer faculty fellowships emphasizing collaborative projects; summer digital dissertation fellowships; modest funds for digital tools; three one-credit graduate courses on digital scholarship; a lecture by a seminal visiting scholar; and funds for an hourly research assistant. We will fold our work from the Digital Humanities Commons into our programs in the public humanities, a prime mission of the Simpson Center.

    Grant: 193700 / CH-50600-09,   Category: Humanities,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 2009

  • $620,000

    Renovation Project and American History Education Program

    Recipient: Mirrer, Louise (New York, NY 10024 USA) in affiliation with New-York Historical Society

    Goal: Renovation for expanded education facilities and endowment for partial support of salaries for education staff positions.

    Description: The New-York Historical Society has embarked on a $100 million campaign to secure the institution's place of privilege as a key contributor to the lifeblood of the humanities, through innovative educational programming, exhibitions, and the production of new scholarship based on the N-YHS's extraordinary library and museum collections. The campaign focuses on two priorities: renovations to the N-YHS's building and increased endowed support for key positions and programs. Renovations will allow for the expansion of education facilities, including an Educational Resources Center, which will function as a center for important exploration of and discussion around American history. Endowed support for the American History Education Program will further the N-YHS's partnership with New York City schools to assist students in achieving required levels of literacy and historical knowledge through standards-based programs for students and professional development opportunities for teachers.

    Grant: 193767 / CH-50667-09,   Category: American History,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 2009

  • $600,000

    Establishment of a 3D Visualization Lab at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

    Recipient: Fischer, Lisa Ellen (Willliamsburg, VA 23187 USA) in affiliation with Colonial Williamsburg Foundation (Williamsburg, VA 23187 USA)

    Goal: Acquisition of software and equipment, and an endowment for staff positions, training, software acquisition and maintenance, a research fellowship, speaker programs, and staff travel in a digital history center.

    Description: The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation seeks an $813,750 Challenge Grant under the Digital Humanities Initiative from the National Endowment for the Humanities to promote the development of digital technologies for humanities education by establishing a $3.255 million endowment to support the Foundation's Digital History Center (DHC). The endowment will enable the Foundation to expand the work of the DHC in creating digital resources designed to encourage research and public awareness of the American Revolution and founding principles at the heart of the American democratic experience. Specifically, an NEH Challenge Grant will be used to establish a 3D Visualization Lab that will advance the development of interactive, 3D computer graphics (3D CG) to model Williamsburg at the time of the Revolution and to create other virtual environments relevant to the Foundation's educational programming.

    Grant: 191500 / CH-50560-09,   Category: American History,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 2009

  • $600,000

    The New Museum of Springfield History

    Recipient: Carvalho, Joseph (Springfield, MA 01103-1733 USA) in affiliation with Springfield Library and Museums Association (Springfield, MA 01103 USA)

    Goal: Renovation of a recently acquired building into a new Museum of Springfield History.

    Description: The Springfield Museums request a National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grant of $725,000 to renovate a recently purchased office building into a new Museum of Springfield History. Plans for the new Museum are a response to the clearly defined need for expanded exhibition and program space which cannot be accommodated in the current Connecticut Valley Historical Museum. The Challenge Grant will be used to transform the building into a facility that will feature three floors containing 28,000 square feet for the exhibitions of the permanent collections, a changing exhibition gallery, a History Research Library and Archives, and secure collections storage. The new Museum will be a center for the research and interpretation of American history, and will help local, regional and national audiences understand the important role that Springfield has played in the development of the nation from the 19th century to the present.

    Grant: 191509 / CH-50569-09,   Category: American History,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 2009

  • $600,000

    History on the Move

    Recipient: Hiebel, Kaye (Marquette, MI 49855 USA) in affiliation with Marquette County History Museum

    Goal: Renovation of an existing building into a state-of-the-art museum facility.

    Description: After many years of planning, the Marquette County History Museum purchased an existing building in downtown Marquette, Michigan, with plans to renovate it into a state-of-the-art facility. Features of the new facility include a large reception area, outdoor green space, children's classroom, increased artifact storage and exhibit space, and accessibility to users of all ages and abilities. This move will allow for expansion of the current humanities programming, giving this rural community opportunities to explore and reinforce a regional cultural identity. The goal is to establish a compelling visible presence in the community where humanities-based programming will take place.

    Grant: 193704 / CH-50604-09,   Category: American History,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 2009

  • $500,000

    Hudson River Valley Institute at Marist College

    Recipient: Wermuth, Thomas S (Poughkeepsie, NY 12601-1387 USA) in affiliation with Marist College (Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 USA)

    Goal: To support a program director, education specialist, and an annual conference for the Hudson River Valley Institute.

    Description: The Hudson River Valley Institute (HRVI) at Marist College actively promotes scholarship and public understanding in the area of Hudson River Valley studies. The Institute contributes to the overall intellectual development of its community by stimulating public interest and academic research in a region that played a vital role in the development and history of New York State and the nation. HRVI proposes to further its public and scholarly outreach by: 1) creating a permanent, full-time program director to improve HRVI???s digital library, publications, and educational programs; 2) establishing an annual conference on Hudson River Valley history and culture; and 3) engaging Marist faculty in the development of materials for K-12 teachers and students. HRVI seeks to ensure its long-term sustainability and success as a regional studies center by adding $2 million to its endowment in support of these initiatives.

    Grant: 193702 / CH-50602-09,   Category: American History,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 2009

  • $500,000

    Bellarmine Museum Project

    Recipient: Deupi, Jill Johnson (Darien, CT 06820 USA) in affiliation with Fairfield University (Fairfield, CT 06430 USA)

    Goal: To Support: Endowment for programs in and maintenance of a new university art museum.

    Description: This Challenge Grant seeks to enhance the teaching of the humanities at Fairfield University by endowing $2.5 million for a new university museum. Fairfield will install and inaugurate an art museum in Bellarmine Hall, our signature building on campus steeped in a rich history of American architectural tradition. The museum will display a collection that focuses on art of the Medieval and Renaissance periods. The Bellarmine Museum Project will promote the centrality of art history within the teaching of the humanities, as well as advance Fairfield University???s strategic goal of integrating the curriculum within the context of its Jesuit, Catholic mission. In addition, it fulfills our mission to share with the wider community our resources and special expertise.

    Grant: 193758 / CH-50658-09,   Category: Humanities,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 2009

  • $400,000

    Heinz History Center Endowment for Humanities Research and Presentation

    Recipient: Madarasz, Anne P (Pittsburgh, PA 15222-4200 USA) in affiliation with Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh, PA 15222 USA)

    Goal: Endowment for research, exhibit design, and programming for the Heinz History Center.

    Description: The Heinz History Center seeks a $1,000,000 challenge grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. This grant will be matched with $4 million in non-federal funds as part of a larger endowment campaign to raise $12.4 million. Forty percent of the challenge grant funds will support scholarly research for future exhibition development. Exhibits and programming must meet the highest standards for interpretation. In order for this goal to be met, a significant investment must be made in identifying cutting-edge scholarship as well as creating and advancing new scholarship. The remaining sixty percent of challenge grant funding will be used to create visually exciting exhibits, creative programming and evaluation that will help gauge their impact. It is imperative to create humanities programming capable of engaging multi-ethnic and multi-generational audiences in ways that change people's lives.

    Grant: 193732 / CH-50632-09,   Category: American History,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 2009

  • $400,000

    The Center for Architecture and Preservation

    Recipient: Bassett, Hilary (Portland, ME 04101 USA) in affiliation with Greater Portland Landmarks, Inc.

    Goal: Purchase and renovation of the Safford House (1858) to serve as a Center for Architecture and Preservation.

    Description: GPL proposes a $400,000 NEH Challenge Grant to establish the Center for Architecture and Preservation (CENTER), a place to bring together our library collections and educational programs, and provide the physical space and resources to reach out to broader audiences and to foster wide public participation and dialogue, using greater Portland's architecture and built environment as a text to explore a range of topics in the humanities. Of the total $1.6 million proposal, $1.5 million will support the purchase of the Safford House (1858), an historic building in the cultural district, to serve as the CENTER. An additional $100,000 will be used for renovation costs. GPL has started a $3 million capital campaign, through which it will raise the $1.2 million match. NEH support will be a powerful endorsement and essential motivating force to transform the organization.

    Grant: 193733 / CH-50633-09,   Category: Museum Studies or Historic Preservation,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 2009

  • $375,000

    Expanding Humanities Resources in the Heart of Silicon Valley

    Recipient: Kifer, Ruth (San Jose, CA 95192-0028 USA) in affiliation with San Jose State University Foundation (San Jose, CA 95192 USA)

    Goal: Endowment for the purchase of library resources and to support programs in the humanities.

    Description: The San Jose State University (SJSU) Library has partnered with the San Jose Public Library to create the nation's largest joint academic and public library - the Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. Library - a lifelong learning center for the entire community. With an NEH Challenge Grant and matching private funds, the SJSU Library will establish an endowment that will allow the library to acquire new humanities information resources and develop library programming that supports SJSU's humanities curriculum. As a joint library, the resources and programming will serve 32,000 students, as well as University faculty and staff, and the 2.4 million residents in Silicon Valley. Digitally archived programming will be shared with scholars worldwide.

    Grant: 193756 / CH-50656-09,   Category: Library Science, Archival Management, and Conservation,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 2009

  • $330,000

    President Calvin Coolidge Museum and Education Center

    Recipient: Vignola, Leonard R (Plymouth Notch, VT 05056 USA) in affiliation with Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation (Plymouth, VT 05056 USA)

    Goal: To Support: Renovation of the current, small visitors center into a new Coolidge Museum and Education Center.

    Description: The Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation, Inc., in partnership with the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, will expand and modernize the current 5,000 square feet Visitor Center in Plymouth Notch, VT into a 12,000 square feet President Calvin Coolidge Museum and Education Center. The project is (1) to raise funds to increase the foundation's endowment by $1 million to accommodate its future humanities programming, (2) to plan for the construction and renovation of the new facility, (3) to raise the estimated construction funds of $2.7 million, (4)to complete the construction, (5) to occupy the building, and (6) to launch expanded humanities programming. The new facility, which will be open year round, will house new modern classrooms, a conference and community meeting space with kitchen facilities, three new interactive exhibit spaces, a library of presidential print material and access to digital material, real and digital presidential archival material.

    Grant: 193719 / CH-50619-09,   Category: American History,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 2009

  • $300,000

    Endowing the Position of Head of Museum Interpretation

    Recipient: Rodewald, Patricia (Atlanta, GA 30309 USA) in affiliation with High Museum of Art

    Goal: Endowment for the position of Head of Museum Interpretation.

    Description: The High Museum of Art is requesting a Challenge Grant in the amount of $300,000 to endow the position of Head of Museum Interpretation. The 2005 expansion more than doubles the Museum's size to 312,000 square feet. With the expansion, the Museum reinstalled its collections and incorporated a variety of interpretive strategies. The Head of Museum Interpretation position, inaugurated December 2004, plays a seminal role in exhibition planning from concept development for exhibition storylines to the execution of interpretive plans. For the High to fulfill its responsibility to the Southeast as a source of quality humanities activities and to become a more appealing destination for a growing audience, staff must continue to work collaboratively to develop innovative interpretive tools for visitors. The Head of Museum Interpretation partners with curators and designers to enhance the High's ability to share its rich humanities themes through its collections and exhibitions.

    Grant: 187508 / CH-50491-09,   Category: Art History and Criticism,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 2009

  • $300,000

    Strengthening the Endowment of Augustana College's Center for Western Studies

    Recipient: (Sioux Falls, SD 57197 USA) in affiliation with Augustana College, Sioux Falls

    Goal: To Support: augmentation of the college's endowment for the support of the Center for Western Studies

    Description: Augustana College, a Christian liberal arts institution affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in North America seeks a challenge grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to strengthen the Center for Western Studies' endowment. The Center is a department of the College with the mission of preserving and interpreting the history and cultures of the Northern Plains. As an archives, museum, academic publisher, and provider of educational programming and internships for the students and the campus, as well as the region, Augustana is seeking a $300,000 challenge grant matched by the College on a four-to-one basis for a total endowment campaign of $1,500,000. A successful campaign will increase the Center's endowment and provide dollars to support, enhance, and expand the Center's main program areas which include the Archives and Library Program, the Dakota Conference on Northern Plains, Educational Exhibits, the Publications Program, and the Building Fund.

    Grant: 193757 / CH-50657-09,   Category: History,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 2009

  • $150,000

    Building the Poets House Endowment

    Recipient: (New York, NY 10012 USA) in affiliation with Poets House, Inc.

    Goal: Endowment to partially support a full-time librarian for expanded humanities services and programming in the new permanent home for Poets House.

    Description: Poets House plans to augment its existing $225,000 endowment with $500,000 in new endowment funds over the next five years. Income from the Poets House endowment will help fund the salaries of additional humanities (library and programming) staff who will be hired during the first years of operations in the new permanent home for Poets House, which is now under construction in Lower Manhattan. In its larger space in a new location, Poets House will increase access to its collections and expand its services, reach a broader audience and enhance the scope of its humanities programming. Endowment building has been planned by Poets House as an integral part of its "Campaign for Poets House" to secure all necessary funds for construction, working capital reserves, and long-term endowment.

    Grant: 193754 / CH-50654-09,   Category: Literature,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 2009

  • $118,000

    Leadership for a New Century

    Recipient: (Nashville, TN 37203 USA) in affiliation with American Association for State and Local History (Nashville, TN 37203-2991 USA)

    Goal: Endowment for 1.5 additional humanities staff positions.

    Description: For nearly seventy years, the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) has been working to provide humanities programming for and with America's history organizations. Now, as the field of state and local history struggles to increase its capacity to preserve, present, and interpret America's heritage, AASLH has embarked upon a campaign to substantially increase its endowment and hire an additional 1.5 humanities program staff members so the association can offer direct humanities programming for the field as well as professional development services to help address targeted issues, and at the same time continue in its important role to help bridge the gap between humanities scholarship, history organizations, and the public.

    Grant: 193694 / CH-50594-09,   Category: American History,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 2009

  • $1,000,000

    The Byrne-Reed House: The New Headquarters of Humanities Texas

    Recipient: Gillette, Michael L (Austin, TX 78701 USA) in affiliation with Humanities Texas (Austin, TX 78701-1506 USA)

    Description: Humanities Texas seeks a $1 million NEH Challenge Grant to retire debt and fund restoration of its new headquarters in downtown Austin. The three-story structure will raise the council's visibility among state government, potential institutional partners, and citizens of Texas. Its 11,000 square feet will allow the council, for the first time, to host lectures, workshops, exhibits, and other public events in its own space. The building's white stucco facade conceals a hidden treasure: the Byrne-Reed House, a century-old brick mansion. This restoration will result in an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional home for the humanities in the center of Texas's capital city. It will dramatically increase the quantity and intellectual quality of humanities programming; it will also, through the accompanying capital campaign, expand the council's fundraising base and relationships with institutional and individual donors. The Challenge Grant will transform the council and its work.

    Grant: 187510 / CH-50493-08,   Category: Humanities,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 2008

  • $800,000

    Enhancing Byzantine Studies at the University of Notre Dame

    Recipient: (Notre Dame, IN 46556 USA) in affiliation with University of Notre Dame

    Goal: Endowment for two professorships, acquisitions, conferences, and visiting lectures in Byzantine Studies.

    Description: For over a millennium (330-1453) Byzantium integrated and disseminated the rich cultures of Classical and Hellenistic Greece, Ancient Rome, Asia Minor, Early Christianity, and the Slavic worlds. It was a great civilization at the crossroads of interchange between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. To understand the history and thought of Byzantium is to better understand the cultures and religious dynamics of those regions and religions today. Unfortunately, Byzantine Studies is a discipline often overlooked and misunderstood by academics in the West. The University of Notre Dame requests $1 million from the NEH to establish one of the strongest Byzantine Studies programs in North America. The proposed challenge grant will endow two new tenure-track positions in Byzantine history and theology; two graduate student fellowships in Byzantine Studies; conferences and visiting lecturers; and library acquisitions. Notre Dame will raise $4 million from external sources to match the NEH grant.

    Grant: 186204 / CH-50443-08,   Category: Medieval Studies,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Year Awarded: 2008

  • Endowment for the humanities grants to program Challenge Grants; items 1-21 of 370 with a total funding of $9,868,000.
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