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  • $1,574,655

    We the People Bookshelf: A More Perfect Union

    Recipient: Castle, Lainie (Chicago, IL 60611 USA) in affiliation with American Library Association

    Grant: 196853 / BB-50014-09,   Category: American History,   Division: Public Programs,   Program: Bookshelf Cooperative Agreement, We the People

  • $1,000,000

    We The People Endowment at St. John's College, Annapolis, Maryland

    Recipient: Dink, Michael (Annapolis, MD 21401 USA) in affiliation with St. John's College, Main Campus (Annapolis, MD 21404 USA)

    Goal: Endowment for faculty study groups, preceptorials, acquisitions, lectures, and outreach programs dealing with American founding documents and topics.

    Description: St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland, is applying for a "We the People" challenge grant of $1,000,000 to be matched by $3,000,000 raised to endow activities and library acquisitions centered on "We the People" themes. An endowment dedicated to these themes ensures that works and ideas in U.S. history, events, and culture are given proper consideration in a curriculum that spans thousands of years and examines subjects as diverse as ontology and quantum physics. The bulk of the "We the People" activities will be in four areas: faculty study groups, preceptorials, lectures, and outreach programs.

    Grant: 191887 / CZ-50208-09,   Category: American Studies,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Program: Special Initiatives

  • $1,000,000

    The Buddha and Pilgrimage and Buddhist Art

    Recipient: Proser, Adriana (New York, NY 10021 USA) in affiliation with Asia Society

    Goal: Implementation of a traveling exhibition, a website, a symposium, a catalog, and educational and public programs, together with production of a complementary two-hour documentary film; the film concerns the sites of major events of the life of the Buddha, and the traveling exhibition concerns the art of Buddhist pilgrimages to those sites.

    Description: Asia Society, the preeminent multi-disciplinary institution dedicated to understanding Asia, and David Grubin, the distinguished documentary film producer, come together for a joint project examining the life of the Buddha and Buddhist pilgrimage. Through a two-hour documentary film biography of the Buddha, a dynamic, multi-venue international loan exhibition on Buddhist pilgrimage practice, PILGRIMAGE AND BUDDHIST ART, with more than 100 objects, an accompanying scholarly catalogue, interactive web site, symposium, and related humanities programs, this unprecedented project will explore the life of the Buddha and Buddhist pilgrimage practice across all of Asia. Since the Buddha???s life experiences are integral to places and practice of pilgrimage, the exhibition and documentary are designed to enhance one another. The PBS nationwide premier of the documentary, THE BUDDHA, will coincide with the exhibition opening in February 2010.

    Grant: 194641 / GI-50066-09,   Category: Art History and Criticism,   Division: Public Programs,   Program: America's Historical & Cultural Organizations Implementation

  • $950,000

    An American Turning Point

    Recipient: Jackson, Cheryl L (Richmond, VA 23219 USA) in affiliation with Virginia Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War Commission

    Goal: Implementation of a traveling exhibition, a mobile gallery, a panel exhibition, a permanent online web exhibition, and related educational and public programs in observance of the Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War.

    Description: Serving a national resources to the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, An American Turning Point is a four component exhibition (gallery, mobile, panel and online)that will narrate the personal stories of those living though one of our nation's most challenging times. The exhibition will highlight the experiences and accomplishments of both Union and Confederate men, women and children as well as African Americans both free and enslaves on the home and battlefronts. The first three components will travel throughout the region and country taking these often under told stories directly to the people in rural and metropolitan areas. The online component, which will host, several of the media components from the gallery and mobile exhibitions, will remain indefinitely on the website of the Virginia Historical Society serving as a lasting legacy long after the end of the sesquicentennial.

    Grant: 197005 / GI-50133-09,   Category: American History,   Division: Public Programs,   Program: America's Historical & Cultural Organizations Implementation

  • $800,000

    Creating an Humanities Community, The Northampton Community College Partnership

    Recipient: Bugaighis, Elizabeth Tyler (Bethlehem, PA 18020 USA) in affiliation with Northampton Community College Foundation

    Goal: Endowment for three staff positions to support humanities programs for faculty, students, and the general public, and the purchase of humanities materials for local cultural and educational institutions.

    Description: Northampton Community College and its seven community partners will use funding from the endowment established to program public and college activities focusing on an annually selected theme from the humanities. A nationally-recognized speaker will provide the culminating event each year. Activities during the year will include credit and non-credit course offerings, distance education coursework, a film festival, a one community one book series of activities, speakers, panel discussions, service learning opportunities, museum displays, and collaborative teaching opportunities between the college and the school districts. For smaller group discussions, like the book group and panel discussions, podcasts will be posted to the college website. For the larger panel discussions, and especially for the culminating major speaker event, there will be live broadcasts through the college website.

    Grant: 193755 / CH-50655-09,   Category: Humanities,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Program: Challenge Grants

  • $800,000

    To Tell the Truth

    Recipient: Pomeroy, Ali (New York, NY 10011 USA) in affiliation with Moving Image (New York, NY 10013 USA)

    Goal: Production of a six-hour documentary series tracing the history of the nonfiction film, from the beginnings of cinema to the present.

    Description: In six hour-long episodes, TO TELL THE TRUTH will trace the evolution of non???fiction film from the dawn of cinema to the current era. The series will show how documentaries have both shaped and reflected their times and our view of the past. In the process, we will disseminate scholarship from the field of visual studies; educate viewers about the choices behind, and consequences of, on-screen ???reality???; and help expand the audience for substantive documentaries past and present. Above all, TO TELL THE TRUTH will capture a unique cultural history of America.

    Grant: 197099 / TR-50071-09,   Category: Film History and Criticism,   Division: Public Programs,   Program: America's Media Makers Production

  • $800,000

    The Big Show in Bololand

    Recipient: Hoyt, Austin (Cambridge, MA 02138 USA) in affiliation with Filmmakers Collaborative, Inc. (Waltham, MA 02453 USA)

    Goal: Production of a 60-minute film and an accompanying website about the efforts of the American Relief Administration to combat starvation in the new Soviet Union from 1921 to 1923.

    Description: "The Big Show in Bololand" is a 60-minute documentary on the work of the American Relief Administration (ARA) to combat stavation in the new Soviet Russia from 1921-23. It will focus on the challenges faced by two ARA volunteers. In the background are the distrust and the political agendas of an ardent anti-communist, the ARA's director Herbert Hoover, and the leader of Russia's new regime, Vladimir Lenin.

    Grant: 197151 / TR-50093-09,   Category: Humanities,   Division: Public Programs,   Program: America's Media Makers Production

  • $750,000

    John Muir in the New World

    Recipient: Tatge, Catherine A (New York, NY 10025-3322 USA) in affiliation with Global Village Media

    Goal: Production of a two-hour television documentary and website that examines the life of the Scottish-American naturalist John Muir and places his writing, his beliefs, and his activism in the context of late 19th- and 20th-century American history.

    Description: This two-hour documentary,John Muir in the New World [working title], shot on high definition for PBS' American Masters, will follow the life of the Scottish-American naturalist and place his writing, his beliefs, and his activism in the context of late 19th and 20th century American history. We will show how, through his writings and associations, Muir became an early and influential spokesman for the conservation movement of the United States. Visually, this film will be strongly rooted in the locations of Muir's life, from Scotland to California, which were the prime influences on his thinking and writing. While preparing this documentary, we will look specifically at the emergent field of environmental history and the new scholarship on the definition of wilderness. We will also explore Muir's egalitarianism within the context of American political thought. And we will consider the importance of religion in Muir's thinking as it related to his botanical and geological observations.

    Grant: 194668 / TR-50032-09,   Category: American Studies,   Division: Public Programs,   Program: America's Media Makers Production

  • $746,180

    State Humanities Program

    Recipient: (Spokane, WA 99203 USA) in affiliation with Humanities Washington (Seattle, WA 98101-2825 USA)

    Grant: 194145 / SO-50339-09,   Category: Humanities,   Division: Federal/State Partnership,   Program: State Programs (SO)

  • $725,000

    Butterfly: The Art and Life of James McNeill Whistler

    Recipient: Thomas, Karen (Washington, DC 20009 USA) in affiliation with Film Odyssey, Inc. (Washington, DC 20037 USA)

    Goal: Production of a one-hour critical biography on the art and life of American artist James McNeill Whistler.

    Description: A painter, an etcher, and designer who brought attention to his work with his brilliant wit, contretemps with the press, showmanship and talent, James McNeill Whistler (1834-1903) was an American-born artist whose contributions to art include landscape paintings that nudged 19th century art towards abstraction, portraits (such as the iconic "Whistler's Mother")that are known for their color harmony and restraint, and etchings which are to the 19th and 20th centuries as Rembrandt's were to the 17th. A serious reformer of contemporary art, Whistler was an independent artist whose focus on the aesthetic quality of art ("art for art's sake"), rather than any social, moral or ethical purpose, was contrary to the thinking of many in his day. We are requesting production support for a one-hour critical biography on the art and life of James McNeill Whistler.

    Grant: 197096 / TR-50068-09,   Category: Art History and Criticism,   Division: Public Programs,   Program: America's Media Makers Production

  • $725,000

    America, Whaling, and the World

    Recipient: Burns, Ric (New York, NY 10023 USA) in affiliation with City Lore: NY Center for Urban Folk Culture (New York, NY 10003 USA)

    Goal: Production of a two-hour documentary exploring the history, culture, and significance of the American whaling industry from 1620 to 1924.

    Description: INTO THE DEEP: America, Whaling & the World: a two-hour documentary film for national broadcast on PBS in 2010, directed by Ric Burns and co-produced by Steeplechase Films, American Experience, and WGBH/Boston, explores the history, culture and significance of the American whaling industry from its 17th century origins in drift and shore-whaling, through the golden age of deep ocean whaling in the 18th and 19th centuries, and on to the industry's demise in the decades following the American Civil War. Combining stunning archival material with powerful on-camera interviews, evocative live cinematography, dramatic reenactments, and underwater footage of whales at sea, the film will bring alive the complex reality and extraordinary experience of American whaling as the nation rose to the threshold of global power, all the while registering the larger forces, economic, social, cultural, technological and environmental, that shaped and propelled American Whaling from start to finish.

    Grant: 197113 / TR-50085-09,   Category: American History,   Division: Public Programs,   Program: America's Media Makers Production

  • $700,000

    Picturing America On-screen and Online

    Recipient: Lacy, Susan (New York, NY 10001 USA) in affiliation with Educational Broadcasting Corporation

    Goal: Production of 20 three- to five-minute video segments, together with a website, exploring the masterworks of American art featured in the NEH initiative Picturing America.

    Description: Picturing America on Screen is a multi-media companion project that will extend the reach of the Picturing America initiative via production and online distribution of video segments featuring each of the selected works of art, an educational DVD, and an interactive "Viewers' Choice" interactive online component. This media presentation will explore on screen the interpretations and appeal of the selected works of American art, as well as engage a broad spectrum of the American public in a dialogue about them. These dynamic segments, produced by a variety of directors using a wide range of perspectives and viewpoints, aspire to strengthen the nexus of history and art as well as demonstrate how looking at art can be a vital component in the study of our cultural history. al history.

    Grant: 194064 / TR-50029-09,   Category: Media-General,   Division: Public Programs,   Program: America's Media Makers Production

  • $650,000

    Expansion of the Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities

    Recipient: Helmreich, Anne L (Cleveland Heights, OH 44121 USA) in affiliation with Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH 44106 USA)

    Goal: Endowment for seminars, courses, and other humanities programs for faculty, students, representatives of local cultural institutions, and the general public, as well as salary support for a digital humanities coordinator.

    Description: Case Western Reserve University seeks a $650,000 Challenge Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to increase the endowment, enhance the programming, and extend the impact of the Baker-Nord Center (BNC) for the Humanities. The NEH Challenge Grant, along with the new resources that it will help leverage, will be used by BNC to 1) foster humanities scholarship at the highest level by utilizing developing paradigms of scholarly exchange and collaboration; (2) engage the public in the humanities through public programming and community collaborations; and (3) improve humanities research, education, and dissemination of scholarship through the digital humanities. These aims are essential if BNC is to meet three overarching goals to: invigorate humanities scholarship on a campus perhaps better known for its bio-medical and engineering disciplines; ensure greater sustainability for achievements in the humanities represented by our faculty and students; and foster collaborative partnerships with neighboring cultural institutions.

    Grant: 193712 / CH-50612-09,   Category: Humanities,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Program: Challenge Grants

  • $625,000

    Digital Humanities Commons

    Recipient: Woodward, Kathleen M (Seattle, WA 98195 USA) in affiliation with University of Washington

    Goal: Endowment to support faculty and student fellowships and graduate courses on digital humanities, other humanities programs, and a part-time research assistant.

    Description: With a $625,000 Challenge Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and a successful match of $1,875,000 to establish an endowment of $2,500,000, the Simpson Center for the Humanities at the University of Washington will create the Digital Humanities Commons. The goal is to seed and strengthen work in the digital humanities, with three objectives: the animation of knowledge; the public circulation of scholarship; and the historical, social, and cross-cultural understanding of digital culture. Each year the endowment will support: summer faculty fellowships emphasizing collaborative projects; summer digital dissertation fellowships; modest funds for digital tools; three one-credit graduate courses on digital scholarship; a lecture by a seminal visiting scholar; and funds for an hourly research assistant. We will fold our work from the Digital Humanities Commons into our programs in the public humanities, a prime mission of the Simpson Center.

    Grant: 193700 / CH-50600-09,   Category: Humanities,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Program: Challenge Grants

  • $620,000

    Renovation Project and American History Education Program

    Recipient: Mirrer, Louise (New York, NY 10024 USA) in affiliation with New-York Historical Society

    Goal: Renovation for expanded education facilities and endowment for partial support of salaries for education staff positions.

    Description: The New-York Historical Society has embarked on a $100 million campaign to secure the institution's place of privilege as a key contributor to the lifeblood of the humanities, through innovative educational programming, exhibitions, and the production of new scholarship based on the N-YHS's extraordinary library and museum collections. The campaign focuses on two priorities: renovations to the N-YHS's building and increased endowed support for key positions and programs. Renovations will allow for the expansion of education facilities, including an Educational Resources Center, which will function as a center for important exploration of and discussion around American history. Endowed support for the American History Education Program will further the N-YHS's partnership with New York City schools to assist students in achieving required levels of literacy and historical knowledge through standards-based programs for students and professional development opportunities for teachers.

    Grant: 193767 / CH-50667-09,   Category: American History,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Program: Challenge Grants

  • $618,750

    Fellowships at the National Humanities Center

    Recipient: Mullikin, Kent (Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 USA) in affiliation with National Humanities Center (Durham, NC 27709-2256 USA)

    Goal: The equivalent of four fellowships per year for three years.

    Description: The National Humanities Center requests support for fellowships for advanced study in the humanities.

    Grant: 194583 / RA-50073-09,   Category: Interdisciplinary,   Division: Research Programs,   Program: Fellowship Programs at Independent Research Institutions

  • $600,000

    Establishment of a 3D Visualization Lab at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

    Recipient: Fischer, Lisa Ellen (Willliamsburg, VA 23187 USA) in affiliation with Colonial Williamsburg Foundation (Williamsburg, VA 23187 USA)

    Goal: Acquisition of software and equipment, and an endowment for staff positions, training, software acquisition and maintenance, a research fellowship, speaker programs, and staff travel in a digital history center.

    Description: The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation seeks an $813,750 Challenge Grant under the Digital Humanities Initiative from the National Endowment for the Humanities to promote the development of digital technologies for humanities education by establishing a $3.255 million endowment to support the Foundation's Digital History Center (DHC). The endowment will enable the Foundation to expand the work of the DHC in creating digital resources designed to encourage research and public awareness of the American Revolution and founding principles at the heart of the American democratic experience. Specifically, an NEH Challenge Grant will be used to establish a 3D Visualization Lab that will advance the development of interactive, 3D computer graphics (3D CG) to model Williamsburg at the time of the Revolution and to create other virtual environments relevant to the Foundation's educational programming.

    Grant: 191500 / CH-50560-09,   Category: American History,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Program: Challenge Grants

  • $600,000

    The New Museum of Springfield History

    Recipient: Carvalho, Joseph (Springfield, MA 01103-1733 USA) in affiliation with Springfield Library and Museums Association (Springfield, MA 01103 USA)

    Goal: Renovation of a recently acquired building into a new Museum of Springfield History.

    Description: The Springfield Museums request a National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grant of $725,000 to renovate a recently purchased office building into a new Museum of Springfield History. Plans for the new Museum are a response to the clearly defined need for expanded exhibition and program space which cannot be accommodated in the current Connecticut Valley Historical Museum. The Challenge Grant will be used to transform the building into a facility that will feature three floors containing 28,000 square feet for the exhibitions of the permanent collections, a changing exhibition gallery, a History Research Library and Archives, and secure collections storage. The new Museum will be a center for the research and interpretation of American history, and will help local, regional and national audiences understand the important role that Springfield has played in the development of the nation from the 19th century to the present.

    Grant: 191509 / CH-50569-09,   Category: American History,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Program: Challenge Grants

  • $600,000

    History on the Move

    Recipient: Hiebel, Kaye (Marquette, MI 49855 USA) in affiliation with Marquette County History Museum

    Goal: Renovation of an existing building into a state-of-the-art museum facility.

    Description: After many years of planning, the Marquette County History Museum purchased an existing building in downtown Marquette, Michigan, with plans to renovate it into a state-of-the-art facility. Features of the new facility include a large reception area, outdoor green space, children's classroom, increased artifact storage and exhibit space, and accessibility to users of all ages and abilities. This move will allow for expansion of the current humanities programming, giving this rural community opportunities to explore and reinforce a regional cultural identity. The goal is to establish a compelling visible presence in the community where humanities-based programming will take place.

    Grant: 193704 / CH-50604-09,   Category: American History,   Division: Challenge Grants,   Program: Challenge Grants

  • $550,000

    Robert E. Lee

    Recipient: Samels, Mark (Boston, MA 02135 USA) in affiliation with WGBH Educational Foundation

    Goal: Production of a two-hour television program with accompanying website for the American Experience that examines the life of Robert E. Lee.

    Description: This is a request to the National Endowment for the Humanities for funds to support the production of ???Robert E. Lee,??? a two-hour special presentation of American Experience, for national broadcast on PBS. It examines the life and reputation of the Confederacy???s pre-eminent general, whose military successes made him the scourge of the Union and the hero of the Confederacy during the Civil War, and who was elevated to almost godlike status by his admirers after his death. It examines a number of dimensions of an extraordinary life and an enigmatic personality, looking at Lee as a son; as a Virginian and a Southerner; as a Christian; as a soldier; as a symbol; and most fundamentally, as a man. Spanning the 19th century, from Lee???s birth to his apotheosis, it tells the story of how Lee rose from a genteel background shadowed by paternal disgrace to become the unchallenged hero of the white Southern cause.

    Grant: 194669 / TR-50033-09,   Category: American History,   Division: Public Programs,   Program: America's Media Makers Production

  • Endowment for the humanities grants to year 2009; items 1-21 of 665 with a total funding of $15,434,585.
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