An Introduction to Erectile Dysfunction and How Vardenafil 20mg Can Treat It

If you have heard of male impotence wherein a man no longer has the capacity to produce a penile erection, this is actually what erectile dysfunction (ED) is.  When a man suffers from this male sexual condition, he loses his capability to have sexual intercourse because penile erection is needed for vaginal penetration.  Without the necessary erection, a successful sexual intercourse is not possible.  Lucky for those that acquire erection impairment these days that there are highly effective ED medications like vardenafil 20mg that can effectively and efficiently treat their condition so they can successfully take part in in sexual intercourse.

There are basically two types of erectile dysfunction – psychological and physical.

The psychological type of erectile dysfunction means that the condition is all in the mind and that there are no physically-related disabilities involved.  Such condition includes depression, guilt, anxiety, and stress.  The good thing about this type of ED is that once the psychological issue is gone or has been treated, normal erectile functions will resume.

The physical type of erectile dysfunction is usually more serious as it involves physically-related issues that prevent a man from having an erection.  Normally, this issue involves ineffective or inhibited flow of blood towards the penis which is why a penile erection does not ensue.  The normal treatment for this type of condition is the use of ED drugs like vardenafil 20mg.  ED treatments like vardenafil 20mg does not offer permanent treatment as vardenafil 20mg treatment drugs are more like “as needed” treatment basis.  Nevertheless, vardenafil 20mg will most likely be able to effectively treat your ED condition as vardenafil 20mg is considered to be the most effective ED drug in the market today.

What makes vardenafil 20mg very effective in treating erectile dysfunction is that it allows or enables smooth and effective flow of blood from blood vessels near the pelvic area towards the cavities inside the penis.  When these cavities are filled and engorged with blood, a penile erection that is good enough for sexual intercourse occurs.

Vardenafil 20mg is classified as a PDE5 inhibitor drug.  This is actually the same classification of drugs that Viagra belongs to.  If you are familiar with Viagra, then it is important that you should know vardenafil 20mg too because vardenafil 20mg outclasses Viagra in terms of effectiveness.  The truth is there are several PDE5 inhibitor drugs currently released in the market.  However, none of these drugs are as effective as vardenafil 20mg in treating penile impotence.

These days, vardenafil 20mg is the most highly sought after ED drug as well as the most prescribed.  This is because vardenafil 20mg is very effective as well as very safe – safe in a way that you are less likely to experience any side effects from the use of the drug.  Since all PDE5 inhibitor drugs share the same mechanism of action, it means they also share the same side effects.  However, due to the difference in active ingredients being used, some are much safer to use than others, with vardenafil 20mg being the safest.