Buy Finasteride 5mg for Hair Loss and Prostate Enlargement Treatment

Finasteride 5mg is a drug created by Merck for the treatment of prostate enlargement benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).  Finasteride 5mg proved to be very effective in its intended treatment of BPH.  However, during its testing phase, many of the subjects that took part in the testing reported of a side effect, something which was actually phenomenal.  Since BPH occurs in middle-age to elderly men, some of the men taking part in the tests also had hereditary baldness issues or androgenic alopecia.  The side effect of finasteride 5mg was that the progression of their hair loss had stopped.

The side effect that finasteride 5mg had has quickly caught the attention of Merck scientists and executives.  This is because what they had in their hand was possibly the best and only true treatment for male pattern baldness.  Merck then had assigned some of their leading scientists to study this side effect of finasteride 5mg, and, as the reports had shown, it indeed had the capacity to stop hair fall caused by androgenic alopecia.  They then studied as to why this happened and found out that finasteride 5mg acts as a hormonal suppressor for the hormone that causes male pattern baldness in the first place.

Male pattern baldness is hereditary in nature.  Men who have the genetic trait will have a high chance of developing the condition.  Hair loss occurs because the hormone dihydrotestosterone thins the hair follicles until they die and can no longer support hair growth.  When finasteride 5mg is used, it limits the production of dihydrotestosterone which helps the hair follicles keep healthy.

Basically, finasteride 5mg is an inhibitor.  Dihydrotestosterone is only a byproduct through the conversion of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase of testosterone.  What finasteride 5mg does is that it is acts as an inhibitor of the enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.  This in turn makes finasteride 5mg very effective in stopping male pattern baldness right up its tracks.

In lieu to this discovery, Merck tried to find out what the most efficient dose of their drug finasteride is most effective in treating male pattern baldness.  It was then found out that finasteride 5mg is perfect for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia whereas finasteride 1mg is perfect for treating male pattern baldness.  The discovery of this hair loss treatment from finasteride 5mg testing was phenomenal, breakthrough, and groundbreaking.  Even though it is only a side effect of the finasteride 5mg drug they intended for BPH treatment, it turned out to be a more profitable treatment drug for them.

Finasteride 1mg is strictly for hair loss treatment and finasteride 5mg is for BPH and male pattern baldness.  Since the price of finasteride 5mg is cheaper compared to 5x that of finasteride 1mg, some men who use finasteride for hair loss treatment buy finasteride 5mg and simply use a pill cutter to divide the finasteride 5mg pill into four equal parts.  Basically, they get four pieces of 1.25mg of finasteride.  This is actually just right for the treatment of hair loss considering that they have an extra 0.25mg to possibly help boost treatment.