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If you develop erectile dysfunction (ED), you are in luck because there are highly effective ED treatment drugs like tadalafil which you can use to assist you with your erectile issues.  While having the male sexual condition that you have seems to be like a very embarrassing and heavy ordeal, you should be thankful as you have access to PDE5 inhibitor drugs with which many men in the past did not have access to.  With ED drug tadalafil, you can still sport a full penile erection despite being naturally erectile impaired.  This is how effective ED treatment drugs are these days and how you can still have sex even though you have penile impotence.

There are different competitors in the PDE5 inhibitor ED treatment drugs market.  However, it is actually tadalafil that reigns supreme amongst the competition.  The reason for this is very simple – tadalafil provides the longest effect time than any other ED treatment.  In fact, the effect time of tadalafil dwarfs those from its competition.  The 36 hours effect time that tadalafil provides is enough to drown the 4-10 hours that its rivals provide.  This is the very reason why tadalafil is highly sought after by men who are seeking the best and most effective treatment for their ED issues.

What makes tadalafil so great is that the 36 hours of effect time is essentially 36 hours of capacity of producing a penile erection.  Taking tadalafil will not give you an erection, but it will give you the capacity of producing one.  When tadalafil is in effect, you basically have that many hours of being capable of producing an erection.  When you become sexually enticed, you will begin to produce an erection just like how you did when you still had normal erectile functions.  This is what makes PDE5 inhibitor drugs great.

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