Buy Tamoxifen to Keep Cancer at Bay

If you are a woman and your doctor has prescribed you to buy tamoxifen, then for sure you do have some degree of cancer growth going on within your cells and tissues, mainly located at the breast area.  Doctors recommend their pre-menopausal and post-menopausal patients to buy tamoxifen as it can be a good anti-estrogen therapy for breast cancer that is hormone receptor-responsive (for pre-menopausal cases), and it can also be regarded as a standard medicine in post-menopausal cases.

Why does my doctor want me to buy tamoxifen? How does it work? To understand its purpose, you need to understand a few medical-related things.  There are some cancer cells in the breast that, in order to grow and thrive, need the hormone called estrogen.  The tamoxifen is broken down or metabolized into smaller compounds that then adhere to the estrogen receptor; however, they do not activate its function.  Thus, whenever you buy tamoxifen, remember that it acts much like a key that’s broken off in the lock, making it impossible for any other key to be inserted, thereby preventing the hormone estrogen from binding into its receptor, and in the end, successfully blocks the further growth of cancer cells.

Take note that whenever you buy tamoxifen, these are the most common side effects you may experience: cataracts, cough, bone pain, edema or fluid retention, weight gain, hot flashes, absence or abnormal frequency of menstrual periods, upset tummy, leg cramping, headache, decreased libido, thinning of hair, unusual vaginal discharge, unexplained fatigue, and depression.

Doctors would normally prescribe you to buy tamoxifen if you fit into one of these three circumstances:

  • If you are deemed to be of high risk of developing or getting breast cancer, but the cancer has not yet been detected at the time you were examined. You will be asked to buy tamoxifen for early prevention.
  • If there is cancer already detected in your body, you will be asked to buy tamoxifen to prevent it from growing bigger or from spreading to other parts of your body.
  • If the cancer has already been successfully removed via chemotherapy, surgery or other medical procedures, you will be asked to buy tamoxifen in order to prevent the reoccurrence or regrowth of the cancer cells.

When you buy tamoxifen tablets, they usually come in dosage forms of 10 mg or 20 mg.  Depending on your condition and tolerance, your everyday dosage may be more than 20 mg, which means you will have to take multiple tablets at a time.  If your doctor asks you to buy tamoxifen and take one tablet of it only per day, then you should take it in the morning.  If you are asked to buy tamoxifen and take it multiple times in a day, then the entire dose must be divided into 2 doses, to be taken in the morning and then in the evening.

Just like any other medicine, when you buy tamoxifen and take it, you need to keep the levels of the drug consistent inside your body for it to work to the fullest. Thus, make sure that you take your dose at the exact times each day.

Before you buy tamoxifen, prepare yourself to be taking this drug for many months to 5 years, or even longer. The need to buy tamoxifen (a lot of it) has driven most patients to look for online pharmacies that offer the drug, with the main purpose of being able to buy tamoxifen at a cheaper price than at the local pharmacies.