FDA’s Avanafil Approval is Well-deserved

If you are suffering from penile impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED), it is likely that you have heard of PDE5 inhibitor ED drugs that can effectively treat penile erection issues, even though it is only temporary.  Normally, the name Viagra comes to mind when talking about ED treatment drugs.  This is quite forgivable.  After all, Pfizer’s Viagra pioneered ED treatment as well as the ED market.  However, it is not just Viagra that is entitled for the term ED treatment drug as there are now other ED medication remedies for penile impotence.  The latest and fairly controversial drug to enter the ED market is the PDE5 inhibitor drug, avanafil.  Avanafil is sold under the brand, Stendra, with avanafil being its generic name as well as its generic alternative.

FDA’s avanafil approval came last April of 2012.  Actually, avanafil approval came with much speculation as well as intrigue and criticism as many professionals and critics questioned if the avanafil approval from the FDA was necessary and that if there was still really any need for a new ED medication.  It can be said that avanafil’s start in the ED market was not met with much enthusiasm as there were very few men who braved enough to buy avanafil to test out the new drug.  Slowly but surely, the new drug was gaining ground as those who have tried and tested the new drug all became converted and are now regular avanafil user.  Due to this, there is no doubt that the avanafil approval from the FDA was well-deserved and that FDA’s avanafil approval was no fluke.

If you buy avanafil for your ED issue, it is important that you understand that this ED treatment medication is a PDE5 inhibitor and that it works by effectively allowing the smooth passage of blood from the blood vessels in the pelvic area to the cavities inside the penis called corpus cavernosum.  Once these cavities become filled with blood, the penis begins to grow and swell until it is hard.  This hardness is actually the necessary factor needed for sexual intercourse as without it, no vaginal penetration will occur.

The avanafil approval and release into the market was about 9 years later after the last erectile dysfunction treatment drug was approved by the Food and Drug Administration of America.  Despite this seemingly long span in between ED drug releases, the avanafil approval cannot be denied as this remedy for penile impotence is actually very effective, undergoing intensive research and development to ensure that it becomes the best treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Although avanafil approval from the FDA did not really pose as a threat to other ED drug manufacturers, primarily because they have already built a stable ground for their product, it came to them as a surprise because such simple avanafil approval by the FDA from a ‘not so big’ pharmaceutical company, will soon pose as a threat to their already established foothold in the ED market.  They never really thought that this avanafil approval will ever so slowly gain ground and at the same time gaining loyal users and converts.

The truth is clear as the FDA will not have necessarily given avanafil approval if they did not deem the newbie ED drug was effective.  Avanafil approval has paved a sensation on how the underdog has now managed to play with the big boys.  The avanafil approval by the FDA is simply a testament on how a simple, yet very effective ED drug can challenge high-budgeted products from pharmaceutical giants.  This avanafil approval from the FDA is an assurance that this new ED drug is truly worthy of challenging the highly recognized ED medications.