Finasteride Drug – The Side Effects You Must Know

Finasteride drug, also known as Proscar or Propecia, is a medication that is used to treat men with male pattern baldness and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Finasteride drug has the capability to block enzyme activities that convert testosterone male hormone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is as far as the medical field is concerned the most common root cause of hair loss among men. Although it is a normal process to convert testosterone into DHT, having DHT accumulated over time due to hormonal imbalances can cause problems like hair loss and prostate enlargement. Only finasteride drug has been known to have the capability to prevent this normal chain of reactions and get you hair back, or reduce back your prostate to its normal size.

Finasteride drug is indeed very useful in many ways. Doctors can prescribe the drug for many other purposes for as long as all possible risks has been outweighed by the potential benefits of the medication. Every drug has its own set of drawbacks, and even finasteride drug is not an exemption. Most of the side effects of finasteride drug is less serious and has been clinically proven and tested to be safe. Some common side effects might include swelling of the hands and feet, skin rashes, runny nose, weakness, headaches, tenderness of the breasts, and loss of interest in sex. All of these symptoms might not come all together; some men can only experience a combination of two or more of the symptoms. Generally, the side effects are experienced when it is the first time to take finasteride; the succeeding days or weeks the side effects will naturally go away until your body gets used to it. These are all tolerable side effects and in fact are reversible if you stop taking finasteride drug. If you think the side effects are giving you bothersome or intolerable symptoms, talk to your doctor for an advice or alternative medication.


Finasteride drug might also cause serious symptoms that are rare and usually a consequence of complications from existing health problem, or as reaction to other drugs taken. These might include breast lumps, hives, swelling of the face or throat, and difficulty breathing. This is not yet the complete list of finasteride drug side effects. If any of these occur, you are advised to stop medication immediately and seek medical help from the nearest emergency centers in your area.


Finasteride drug has its upsides and downsides. You are highly advised to seek professional advice from a doctor before starting any medical treatment. Your doctor can recommend you the right dosage, as well as the appropriate actions you need to do to prevent or lessen the chances of getting side effects of the drug. Finasteride drug is commonly a prescription drug. Talk to your doctor today if you think you need finasteride drug to cure you.