Use Finasteride Generic for Your Hair Loss Issues

If you’re a man in his mid-twenties and above and suffering from hair loss, it is likely that you have the condition called male pattern baldness.  This balding condition is an inherited trait.  This means that if your old man and/or your older brothers are suffering from baldness or hair fall issues, then it is likely that you may also have acquired the condition.  The usual treatment for this condition will be the application of creams, ointments, or topical solutions on your scalp to possibly stop or prevent the progression of the condition.

The truth is, although the treatments mentioned above have some sort of effect towards the treatment of male pattern baldness, there none are as effective as finasteride generic as finasteride generic happens to be the only hair loss treatment that comes in medication form which you ingest instead of simply applying towards the external surface of the scalp.  Basically, the treatment that finasteride generic does is from within your body and not simply on the external part of your body.  Basically, this makes finasteride generic more effective than any other form of hair loss treatment.

Finasteride generic is simply the generic alternative of the drug, Propecia which is made by Merck towards the treatment of androgenic alopecia.  However, finasteride generic did not always start out as treatment for hair fall but more of as a treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) which is the abnormal enlargement of the prostate.  However, during the testing stages of the drug, Proscar, it was found out that the finasteride, the active ingredient of both Propecia and Proscar, has the capacity to treat male pattern baldness, but at lower doses.  Finasteride generic 1mg was then born and is exactly the right dose needed for treating hair loss.

What makes finasteride generic very effective in treating male pattern baldness is that it basically inhibits the hormone that is responsible towards the thinning of hair follicles that result in hair loss.  If you are at high risk of developing the condition due to family-related baldness, taking finasteride generic will help to stop the progression of the balding condition.  If you notice any thinning of your hair follicles – your scalp becomes visible through your hair – it won’t be long enough before you start experiencing hair fall.  The thinning of hair follicle occurs due to the high levels of dihydrotestosterone present in the scalp.  This, added to having the genetic trait will definitely result in male pattern baldness.

The mechanism of action of finasteride generic is that it inhibits the creation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by preventing the enzyme called 5-alpha reductase from turning your testosterone hormone into DHT.  This mechanism of action of finasteride generic is actually very effective in stopping the progression of hair loss as the levels of dihydrotestosterone in the scalp that thins out hair follicles is significantly reduce.  This in essence makes finasteride generic the most effective hair loss treatment in the market to date.  Best of all, since it has been approved by the FDA as a hair loss treatment drug, you can be assured that finasteride generic is truly effective.