Vardenafil is Generic Levitra – The Most Highly Sought After ED Drug

When men have erectile dysfunction (ED), they basically cannot produce an erection that is suitable for sexual intercourse.  This penile impotence that they have not only prevents them from having sex, but they also risk of having their relationship with their partner going to ruins as their sexual dysfunction inflicts an unsatisfactory sexual relationship.  Let’s face it, sex is a very important part in a male-female sexual relationship.  Without it, sexual needs and urges are left unsatisfied. This in turn leads to breakups as well as infidelity.  Fortunately for men who have this condition, generic Levitra can help to alleviate the condition an allow them to successfully partake in sexual intercourse.

Vardenafil is basically the generic name as well as the generic alternative for the branded drug, Levitra.  Basically, vardenafil is generic Levitra, a much cheaper alternative to the branded version, but nevertheless, equally as effective.  This is because this generic Levitra is made using the exact same ingredients the branded version is made of.  This gives generic Levitra the same overall treatment effect that the branded ED drug Levitra provides.  Since both generic Levitra and its branded counterpart are made using the same ingredients, they are essentially just the same drug with the primary difference only on their pricing.  Generic Levitra is priced significantly lower than the branded Levitra which is why generic Levitra is highly sought after by men with ED who are tight on the budget.

Levitra and generic Levitra are both classified as PDE5 inhibitor drugs.  This is actually the same classification where Viagra belongs to, the drug that pioneered ED treatment medication.  Drugs that belong to this classification have the same mechanism of action – the smooth and effective blood flow from the blood vessels in the pelvic area towards the cavities inside the penis.  However, this is where the similarity ends as different ED drugs are made using different active ingredients.  This is the very reason why each has different overall effects and why generic Levitra is considered to be the most effect as well as the fastest-acting ED medication.

Currently, there are four main competing brands in the ED market along with their generic alternatives.  Of course, the generic version follows the same effectiveness as the branded ED drug they have been copied from.  On different surveys performed, generic Levitra has scored highest in terms of efficacy and has an efficacy rating score of 86%.  Its closest rival, Viagra, only scored 84% in its efficacy rating, thereby making it clear that generic Levitra as well as its branded version are the most effective ED drug in the market and also the reason why they are the most highly sought after.

Due to the effectiveness of generic Levitra, you will actually find a lot of medical professionals prescribing the drug to their patients with erectile dysfunction.  This is mostly because they are confident and very certain that generic Levitra has the better capacity to treat their male sexual dysfunction issues better than any other ED treatment drug currently available in the market.